Everybody Knows Your Name

It’s been a while since I posted on here. The end of term was incredibly busy and since then I’ve been working a lot. Over summer, I don’t volunteer as much, I’m working 6 day weeks and all of my evening activities, such as Scouts, break over summer.

I really miss it. I miss the friendship and the kids, the sense of belonging. I don’t feel as happy as I am when I am taking part in lots of volunteering projects, however, it’s only for a few weeks, and I am about to start a new volunteer role as the senior northern mentor for Team v, which I’m incredibly excited about!

Something I’ve realised recently, is how many people know me. Through volunteering, my community profile is quite high and I have met a lot of people. I just love how if I walk into the next village, I’m more then likely to bump into someone on the way who will stop and chat to me. It’s so lovely that people feel able to do that.

I was cycling home the other day and had to stop at some traffic lights, a child was walking down the street and while I was waiting for it to turn green, he updated me on his summer and proudly showed me his slush puppy. I think it’s wonderful that he felt comfortable doing that.

In a few weeks, I will be moving to university. I will be moving into a new community with new people. They won’t know me. It will be a completely new start. In some ways this is terrifying, I’m so used to seeing friendly, familiar faces as I do things day to day.

But on the other hand, it’s exciting. It’s a whole new set of people for me to get to know. A group of future friends and colleagues. New volunteering opportunities for me to throw myself into. New challenges to face and experiences to gain. It’s terrifying, but exciting.

All that’s left is to open my eyes, jump in with both feet, and have the time of my life.


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