Difficult Times

Recently, I’ve had a fairly difficult run of things. Life obviously decided that everything was getting too easy and decided to throw some more challenges my way. Nice of it to give me the opportunity to test my character and resilience!

Over the past few weeks I have had a lot of things to deal with. I have experienced every emotion under the sun, cried, hugged and talked to people… and eaten more chocolate than is probably advisable. It’s not been easy and somewhere along the line, I lost something of ‘me’. I became overwhelmed and exhausted by just trying to stay ‘okay’ and forgot that the sun keeps shining no matter what’s going on.

Last weekend, I went down to vInspired HQ for a training day, which was fantastic. On Sunday, I went to a Scouting event. Both of these things helped to remind me who I am, what I have to offer and that I can do this. It’s easy to lose hope, feel uncared for and lonely and disappear into your own little world when things aren’t going so well, but that won’t help anyone.

I love volunteering. I love feeling part of a group, seeing people smile, forming new relationships with people and feeling like a useful member of society. We break up this week and I’m going to head home, throw myself into the next Team v campaign, keep Scouting, and generally get involved in things again.

Somewhere in the last few weeks I have lost my sparkle. More than anything right now, I need to get that back.


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