Team v

You’ve seen it on Twitter…
You’ve seen it on Facebook…
Everybody is talking about it but still you have no idea what it is…

It’s life-changing, confidence building, inspiring. It provides you with friends for life, skills that you can’t gain at school and the perfect thing to talk about at job interviews. It builds your resilience, increases your adaptability and helps you to understand your community.

Team v is a program for 18-25 year old and they’re recruiting now. Over the course of nine months, you receive incredible training at an awesome warm-up day and three amazing residentials. Then, you take the skills you’ve learned back to your community and run three different social action projects. You’re in charge of your own projects, you recruit volunteers, contact organisations and run your own events.

I began my Team v journey in August 2012. I’d left school and had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, it came up on Twitter and I applied. After the interview (with some very nice people!) I still had no idea what it was, but I was given a place and off I went! At the first residential, I was fairly petrified by the prospect of running an entire campaign by myself and hitting all the targets. A lot of things went wrong but with the support of the amazing vInspired staff, I hit all of the targets in the campaign and felt much stronger going into the second campaign. I continued through the rest of Team v with many ups and downs but I learned so much and really grew as a person.

Two years on, I’m at uni, I’ve won a regional award for my volunteer work, I’ve got loads of new friends, I’ve been successful in a number of job applications, I’ve been a Team v mentor for a year and I’m happier and more confident than I ever thought I could be.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that Team v has changed my life. It took a young girl who was struggling with low self-esteem and without the confidence to plan her future and transformed her into a happy, motivated individual. I’m now excited about my future, enjoying each day as it comes and have the strength and belief in myself to conquer anything that life throws at me.

To apply, click here.



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