I’ve been noticing a lot of new projects starting up, recently. It’s absolutely fantastic to see. So many enthusiastic and passionate people wanting to get up and do something to fight for their cause and what they believe in. People who have decided that clicking petitions is no longer enough and they need to be proactive.

However, I feel that somewhere along the line, we’re going slightly wrong. It’s amazing that people have so many ideas and so much drive to make a difference. But starting a new project actually takes a lot of time, a lot of paperwork and a lot of admin.

How many charities do we see doing similar things, all fighting for funding? On a national scale, there are numerous organisations doing similar things, all having to fund their own office spaces and administrative staff. I’m beginning to see it on a local level, too, little start-ups doing similar things but working under different names because their aims are slightly different.

Yesterday, I was at a fantastic event where a number of different organisations came together to work on one project. One project which appeals to all groups, but which each group can contribute to in their own unique way. This is great! It’s going to be incredible because it has the right people behind it and because everybody is pooling their resources and working together.

Having lots of similar, small projects isn’t an efficient way to work. Trying to start a small project is draining. It’s fun, but it’s exhausting and takes a huge amount of time and energy. Trying to maintain 5 small projects is a lot more effort than trying to maintain one bigger one! We need to look at working together.

In a time when cuts are always on the horizon and resources are limited, we need to look at collaboration. We need to look at working together to double or triple our impact and make real, positive differences within our communities. Getting tied up in red tape is not the way forward. It wastes time and energy. You can have two groups under one name who are tackling slightly different things but still working towards a common aim!

So, my challenge to you, is to find those other little start-ups and organisations in your area. Make contact with them, talk to them. See if you can launch your next campaign together, and see what a difference it can make.


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