In recent weeks, my life has been somewhat of a rollercoaster, and not a particularly fun one. There have been events which most people my age are unlikely to even have thought about. I could sit here, curl up in a ball and cry about it, but what’s the point? Many people have commented how ‘awful’ it is, or words to that effect, but as with anything that happens, I just view it as part of life. Yes, bad things happen to good people, there’s no denying it – it’s plastered on the news every day, but that doesn’t mean that we should just give up on everything and stop doing the things that we enjoy.

One thing that has struck me these past few weeks is what an amazing set of families I have. Aside from my biological family who are all very lovely (if occasionally annoying), I have a number of other families who have made such a huge difference to my life over this difficult time.

Firstly, my Team v family. These guys have been incredible. Somehow, despite living all over the country (I haven’t met up with a single one of them recently), they have given me an amazingly, wonderful, huge hug. I can literally feel their caring and warmth from all corners of the country. They keep me grounded, keep me busy, and are always there to listen if that’s what I need. They’re also always there to make fun of me if that’s what I need! Somehow, they manage to be sensitive and caring towards my needs, whilst also ensuring that I have enough to do to stay in the loop and be occupied. The normality that they have upheld has been so important. Too many people have freaked out and run, not known what to do, how to talk to me or what to say. But these guys have just been themselves, only a little more awesome (if that’s even possible) and I am so grateful.

Another family who have been great is my college family. This includes the JCRC (Junior Common Room Committee) and the staff. They have given me the time and space to talk when I want to talk whilst letting me carry on as ‘normal’ when I just want to be a 20 year old! They have given me laughter, projects, hugs and biscuits. They have also made sure that there isn’t a single point in the day when I am alone, surrounding me with chatter, work buddies and quiet company, depending on what I need.

Finally, my community. This includes friends who’ve given me lifts, listened to me on the phone, provided dinners and minion cupcakes and text me to let me know they’re there. It includes those in my Scouting family who’ve been amazing at letting me drop in and out when I can. It also includes those who’ve stepped in to look after me when I’ve not been feeling so great, with advice, hugs and more often than not, their children who have reminded me of the joy in the simple things in life.

So this is my thanks to my amazing families. Who have welcomed me with open arms and given me numerous places to call home. Who have anchored me down when I’ve been floating away. Who have reminded me of their love and how much they care at every corner. Thank you for all of your continued help and support. The next few days/weeks/months are going to be rocky ones, but I know that with all of these people around me, we can conquer anything.


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