This week I felt proud of myself. I can’t remember the last time I felt proud of myself – properly proud of myself.

I am not somebody who often recognises my own achievements. I frequently experience low self confidence, high self doubt and am entirely too aware of my own shortcomings. I see the world around me, I see bad things happening and I feel a sense of responsibility to do something, anything, to ‘fix’ it. I have an overwhelming desire to help people and improve my community.

Sometimes this is great. It means that I get stuff done. I get fired up about an issue and work hard at fighting to make a difference. I speak to people, campaign, run events and do anything else I can think of to make a change. I feed homeless people when I come across them, speak up when I hear derogatory language being used, and try to remember little facts that people tell me so that I can get to know them better. Once I have my heart set on a solution to a problem, little will come in my way until I’ve implemented it.

However, it can also be not-so-great (and occasionally borderline unhealthy). There are a lot of things that happen in this world. A lot of them not so great. There are times when it can seem like there is just so much suffering that nothing I do can make a dent in it and I feel like I need to ‘fix’ it all and if I can’t then it’s not good enough. I push and push to try and fix absolutely everything all in one go and all that happens is I end up sleeping for a couple of days because I’ve completely worn myself out.

This is something I’ve learned to notice. I’ve learned that one person can’t fix absolutely everything but that little actions that individuals do can make big differences in people’s lives.

But even with this, it’s still important to recognise my achievements. To recognise my own, personal worth. So this takes me back to the point at the beginning of this post- feeling proud. Those of us who volunteer are more often than not, a fairly humble bunch. We don’t tend to shout about our achievements the way others do. This needs to change, because we’re awesome and the world should know that!

So today, I’m kicking it off. There are three things I have achieved lately that I’m proud of and they are as follows:

  • Getting myself in i-D magazine
  • Being accepted as part of BBC Generation 2015
  • Getting the position of ‘colleges volunteering coordinator’ on my students’ union

Now that I’ve shared my achievements, it’s your turn. What’s one thing you’ve done lately that’s made you feel proud?


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