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A few weeks ago, I found myself on a (very early) train down to London, to a location I’d never been before, to do a photo shoot. Those of you who know me will know that I am not your typical ‘photo shoot’ candidate! I don’t tend to wear make up, am approximately 6 months behind all fashion trends and get my hair cut once in a blue moon. However, the opportunity had come up through YoungMinds and as I can never say ‘no’ to anything, I ended up on this train.

I entered the studio with no idea what to expect, but the staff were all so lovely. They made us feel completely at ease and just wanted us to enjoy the experience as much as they clearly loved their jobs. I also had the chance to meet some really lovely, interesting young people which was fab.The day passed quickly, I had to go home, and I can honestly say it was an experience I’ll never forget. I really enjoyed it despite my reservations. It was completely out of my comfort zone but the experience of a lifetime.

With no idea how the image was going to come out, or how much of the interview would be printed, I was nervous about the article coming out! However, I have to say that I think i-D did a great job. I’m really pleased with how it came out. We got some great coverage for YoungMinds and everyone was really complimentary, so a fantastic opportunity all round.

For the full article, please click here.


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