Who to vote for?

I’ve just finished watching the BBC Question Time Election Leader’s Special and I have to say, if it wasn’t for the Twitter conversation, and the awesome chat we had on WhatsApp with BBC Generation 2015, I’d have turned it off.

Why? Because I’m bored. I’m bored of white men from London standing up on a stage and answering each question with a carefully, pre-prepared speech. I’m fed up of the same debates with the same answers. I’m sick of politicians not answering questions (if they were doing any GCSE or A-Level exams, they’d fail).

I don’t know who to vote for in this election. I’ve read manifestos, watched the debates, read blogs and newspapers and to be honest, I’m still struggling to make much sense of it all. On top of that, even if I could make sense of it, would it matter? In most jobs, if you make promises and don’t keep them, you’d be fired. Politicians don’t seem to have this rule, though. They can promise all they want in the run up to the election, but do they have to keep these promises? Nope. There is absolutely no accountability. If they promise something, change their minds, and it negatively affects my life, what can I do, knock on their door?!

Personally, I don’t feel represented by our politicians and I know I’m not the only one. Maybe I’m naïve in expecting them to represent me? Perhaps it’s selfish of me, or I’m acting like a spoiled child, I don’t know. What exactly is a local MPs job, and a parliaments job, if not to represent their constituency and country?

I’m just one girl from Yorkshire (not London like many politicians!). I’m not private-school educated. I am a student, but I’m not overly bothered about tuition fees. I’m white, so I guess we have that in common. I’m terrified of losing the NHS, because almost everyone in my family has been to A&E at some point, we’ve all needed the GP occasionally, and the NHS means my Mum is still with us today. I’m worried about leaving university and getting a job. My parents live in a relatively rural village with limited job prospects and I’m worried about being able to afford to live long enough in a place where jobs are available, not that there are many jobs, anyway.

But enough of that. Tomorrow I need to send off my postal vote. I feel I should vote, but I have no hope it will change anything. I just think it’s my duty as a British citizen. I feel if I don’t vote I can’t complain. I’ve tried to interact with local candidates but have had limited response. I prefer one party nationally and another locally – but our current voting system doesn’t cater for that. I’m tempted to spoil my ballot, but what will that do? I suppose I should have more hope, but it’s hard when you’re looking to the future of yourself and your family, you’re scared of what it might bring, and those in charge are lying through their teeth.


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