Travelling To The Team v Finale

I’m currently travelling to London for the Team v graduation and alumni celebration. It’s the final
time we’ll all get together as part of Team v, and I feel slightly sick.

I’m anxious. Firstly, I’m going more than a mile out of my village for the first time in a while. There will be a lot of people in Leeds and a lot of people in London. Normally I manage quite well with this, but the longer I go without venturing into busy places, the more difficult I find it to go back to them. People make me anxious and it’s a challenge I face every day. That said, Team v has always pushed me and encouraged me to do things I did not think I could do. I know it will be okay and I know I’ll make it to London just fine, so I need to stop worrying.

I’m nervous. This is the Team v send off and it should be awesome. I’ve got a surprise for the staff which I’ve made with leaders from all four years and I’m hoping there are no technical, difficulties, I’m also on a film which will be shown and haven’t seen the film yet, so that’s nerve wracking! Furthermore, I’ll be seeing people I’ve not seen in a long time including some I haven’t seen in two years. I’ve changed so much since then; physically, emotionally, cognitively, the lot. A lot has changed in my life and I’ve adapted with it. Will it be weird seeing them again? I imagine they’ve changed too…

I’m excited. I love my Team v family and I always look forward to seeing them. They have been there for all of the ups and downs of the last three years and have seen me at my best and my worst. We have supported each other, helped each other to grow and develop as people. I’m looking forward to seeing what surprises the staff have included in the graduation and the celebration because knowing Team v, there’s always something!

Team v has been part of my life since August 2012. It is the only thing in my life which has been there since before Mum was diagnosed the first time. My education has changed, as have my living arrangements, the majority of my friends, my job and my social life. But Team v has always been there.

I don’t feel ready to let it go. We’re not really losing it completely because we will all stay in touch and the friends I’ve made through it are stuck with me for life (sorry guys!), but the formal programme is coming to an end. It’s sad that it has to, because it’s changed our lives so much; but charities change, funding is tight, and things have to move on. Also the staff have been incredible, caring for and guiding each one of us individually, always helping us to challenge ourselves and reach our goals. 

Team v took me from a place where I had no hope for the future, part time job and no plans to go to university, and brought me back to life. It has filled me with confidence, hope, laughter, and so much more. That will never go away, and that is something I can never thank them enough for. Whatever happens and wherever we go, the impact that Team v has had will continue for a long long time. Team v is not ending, it’s just changing shape. Now it’s our job as leaders, to continue to change the world one campaign at a time.


One thought on “Travelling To The Team v Finale

  1. Naomi. Enjoy every minute of your time with Team V because it is happy memories that wrap around us and comfort us at difficult times. I hope the film and surprises go down well. Love Jxxx

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