A bit of an update…

Hello! So much as been happening in my life recently and I feel like I’m long overdue writing an update. I don’t know how many of you are really interested so I’ll try and keep it short and sweet!

  • Team v has officially ended – I’m sure you’ve also seen my posts on this, but this week the staff left and it’s definitely now over…
  • …but vInspired Ambassadors are now a thing and I am one of these, so watch this space!
  • I’ve changed my Team v mentor Facebook to be Naomi Volunteering, so if anyone is desperate to befriend me on Facebook, here you go.
  • YoungMinds Vs campaign has ended so all their regional workers have now left…
  • … but the YoungMinds Youth Board has been created and I’m on this, so watch this space!
  • I’m still waiting to hear my exam grade (tomorrow I think!) but apart from that, I’ve finished 2nd year of uni!
  • I’m starting my dissertation which is on volunteering somethingsomething, I’m sure you’ll hear all about it this year!
  • Then I have to get a job in 9 months, all offers welcome…
  • I am still doing a lot with Shout Out Leeds (mental health stuff in Leeds – it’s fab!), we now have a Facebook page, a Twitter and a website.
  • I’m also doing lots and lots of planning for World Mental Health Day in York, through the University of York Mental Health Awareness Project which we founded last year – check out our Facebook and Twitter.
  • On top of that, I’m doing some work with Fixers on a video around the terminal cancer things I blog about in the hope of reaching more people and sharing our story further in the hope of supporting those who need it.
  • There’s also potentially going to be a broadcast…
  • I’m still HuffPost blogging, all of which I post on here
  • I’ve got the two boys I nanny for another week and then they go back to school Then I’m at frontrunner for a week, in London for a day and then move back to York!
  • So, over the next few months/year I’ll be doing all this, plus my degree, plus some part time work.

I’m hoping I haven’t forgotten anything! I don’t know if anyone will be interested but I just thought I’d pop it up


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