Fixers Update

I am determined to start updating my various projects and endeavors more frequently on here rather than doing big updates all in one go!

So I’m working with ITV Fixers to further my work around raising awareness of living with a terminal illness in the family, especially as a young person.

I met with the youth project worker way back in June to discuss where I was, what my thoughts were, and whether they’d like to take it on as a project. They love the idea (wooo!), and last week we had a big meeting with three Fixers staff (who, by the way, were all so lovely and enthusiastic), to discuss my ideas and what sort of thing we could do. We’ve decided to create a video… but I don’t want to write too much more on that because ideas change and also it will be more exciting that way! Hopefully we’ll be filming mid-October, though.

Then this week, I had a meeting with someone from the broadcast team about doing a 3-minute broadcast which will be aired in Tyne and Wear and Yorkshire (I think!) at the beginning of October. We discussed how it would work and what sort of things I wanted to focus on and basically it’s super exciting and we’re booked to film in about 2 weeks.

So all in all it’s incredibly exciting, there’s all sorts of bits going and and I’m buzzing!

I also just want to say how fab Fixers have been. They have completely taken the time to understand what I want to focus on and to find the right people to be involved in the project. I’ve felt listened to the whole way through (and I can talk for hours, so that’s quite an achievement), and have had so much support from them. I haven’t felt pushed at all (as I have with other media outlets in the past), and they’ve made sure that my family have been aware of what I’m doing at every stage. They’ve taken the time to explain everything properly and to make sure that I understand everything at each stage and that I’m happy with it.

In short, they’re fab and if you’re a young person wanting to change something you’re unhappy with, or just anyone wanting to learn more about various issues, or even to donate to a project which really does make a difference to young people, then check out their site.


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