Hello, thank you so much for landing on my page! I’m Naomi, a twentysomething year old from Yorkshire. I started this blog to write about volunteering, about 4 years ago, and it’s sort of grown from there.

I love crochet, knitting, and pretty much anything else artsy/crafty, country walks, my camera, pets (though I’m currently pet-less), making people smile, and the odd Netflix binge. I have a couple lovely jobs  (Peer Support Worker for the NHS, based in a university, and staff writer for Blurt), and work with equally lovely colleagues. I also volunteer at a couple of places and occasionally look after people’s offspring.

In October 2015, my Mum died of cancer at the age of 53. Much of my blog for the last few years has been writing about all things terminal cancer/carers/grief. I’ve been really lucky to receive some amazing support through this blog and I’m constantly humbled by people’s willingness to share their stories with me.

I’ve never really seen myself as much of a writer (English was by far my worst subject in school and I was plonked in ‘special’ English classes more than once), but people seem to read what I write, and I enjoy writing it, so they seem like good reasons to keep putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard…).

I miss my Mum every day, but I’m learning to live again, learning to make a life without her, and trying to learn who I am again (or maybe create someone new). I’m hoping that this blog will grow and develop with me.


I currently cross-post many of my blogs to the Huffington Post, and regularly blog for Blurt. In the past, I’ve also blogged for Marie Claire, Campus Society, and Macmillan Cancer and been featured by Marie Curie,  and a couple of local news sites.