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Here’s a list of all of the blogs/articles that have been published on different sites.

Depression: Summer Holiday Coping Tips for Students
A Letter to Parents who have a Child with Depression
A Letter to Those Expecting Exam Results
Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Resources To Help You
Depression: Planning For University
Talking To Your Child About Their Depression
Practical Ways to Support a Child With Depression
Depression: Coping With Particularly Difficult Mornings
Depression: Debunking the Myths
Rediscovering Ourselves When Depression Gobbles Us Up
To Those Who Support Us With Depression, Thank You
Depression: Your Rights At Work
Depression: On Making Mistakes
Teachers: How To Support Young People With Depression
Perfectionism and Depression
Depression: Surviving Socialising

Campus Society
What it’s like caring for a terminally ill parent when you’re at university.

Huffington Post
Here’s a list of the blogs I’ve published to Hunffington Post.

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Marie Claire
My life was perfect… then my Mum died