Why I’ve Been AWOL.

There has been no ‘proper’ blog this week because I haven’t been well. I did try to write something today but it was shocking, so we’ll leave that in the ‘save’ box and come back to it at another time when my head isn’t clouded by painkillers.

Sunday night I found myself in Leeds A&E and discovered the magic powers of morphine. Monday I came back to uni, then found myself in an ambulance before arriving in York A&E. Both hospitals were excellent and looked after me very well, our NHS is amazing, although Leeds did beat York on the #hellomynameis front.

The last two days I’ve been on ‘rest’. Though I am incredibly awful at this resting business and have chosen to interpret that term somewhat loosely. I have received some wonderful Netflix suggestions, though and a lot of love from my friends which is always appreciated! I’ve also caught up on a few emails (though none that involve more than about 5 seconds of thought) and slept a tonne.

So all being well next week will return to normal(ish – when is life ever normal?). Let’s just keep hoping!

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