Chatting About Funerals in the Car

Mum is dying. I know we’ve known this for a while… but it wasn’t so obvious at first. But now she’s dying, I can see it.

I’ve only been away for a week. I popped back home tonight for some tea (my brother had been to open day at our uni, it made sense) and the change in Mum in just a week is far too noticeable for my liking. Her energy levels are lower, she’s fading into the chair more…and needing to use the chair more to help her sit up. It might not sound much, but she was already so slow I didn’t think slower was possible, yet here we are.

She knows it too. Tonight has consisted of an extra request for a hug, a conversation about money, another unfinished meal. The green bowl permanently resides next to her chair now as episodes of nausea increase.

I hate this stupid disease. I often filter my blogs, try and put a positive spin on things, keep my head up. I am generally a positive person and those if you who know me will know that I always try and make the best out of a bad situation. I often doubt myself, but my Dad always tells me I’m stronger than I think.

Tonight it hurts, physically, and I can’t describe it properly because it’s unlike any other hurt I’ve felt before. It starts in your chest and spreads through your shoulders, your stomach and your legs. It clamps your throat shut and forces tears out of your eyes. It doesn’t let you ignore it, if you try it just gets stronger.

I don’t want my Mum to die. I want this horrible limbo to be over but I don’t want her to die. I want her to wake me up on a morning by stroking my hair and I want just one more strong hug. I can’t keep writing because I don’t know what else to say. I’m just sad.

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