My family have gone skiing!

They set off this morning very early, I think. They’ve gone to France with another family or two. The three of them love it… the four of them used to love it, but it’s never been my cup of tea. I went a couple of times, then I spent a few years staying at friends and grandparents, once I ‘chalet girled’ it and once I stayed at home.

I remember two years ago I felt weird contemplating the thought of my family being away whilst I was at uni. It felt very odd. In the end it never happened. Mum decided to get checked out before they went, I think she had some back pain or something, and that was when the terminal diagnosis occurred so my brothers went without the parents.

I suppose life is moving on again. We didn’t holiday while Mum was ill because it was impossible to plan anything that far in advance. That was something which took a long time to get used to, and now I’m struggling to get used to being able to plan again – it’s funny how these things work.

It feels odd now, that they’re away and I’m not with them. But it’s another things that shows we’re moving on, normal life is returning. Also, I’m growing up without them, I’m my own person making my own decisions rather than functioning solely as part of a family unit. Life really does go on…

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